Jay Michaels plays beautiful magical music

Celtic, Electric and Historical Harps

Jay Michaels is known as The Harper. He owns several Historical Harps designed after early Renaissance instruments, wire-strung Irish Harps, and the more contemporary Electric Harp. In addition to Harps, he is adept at the Viola da Gamba, Rebec, Dulcimer, and Guitar.

Jay is a member of The Historical Harp Society of Ireland. He is the former President of The Historical Harp Society in the States. He is also a member of Early Music America, and The Viola da Gamba Society. His music has appeared in Television Programs and Independent Films.

He is the host of Opening The Harp Chakra - The Podcast

Jay Michaels has performed in many parts of America at Medieval, Renaissance, Celtic, Folk, and Yoga Festivals. In November 2023, he performed in Waterford, Cork, and Killarney Ireland.